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Bluetooth Headset

Motorcycle Bluetooth Communications & Intercoms

Modern technology has advanced rapidly and today's motorcycle riders want to connect to their smartphones with entertainment features. In the past there are only a few intercoms headset which are specific to certain motorcycle helmets model and are expensive and complicated to use. Now there are wide variety of bluetooth bike-to-bike communication systems that are affordable priced.

Most of these motorcycle bluetooth communications headset have the ability to tune to FM radio, play MP3 from your smartphone devices, sync to your phone, synchronise to GPS via bluetooth speakers.

Choosing a suitable bluetooth headset

How do you choose a suitable bluetooth headset communications? There are many types of bluetooth communications kits. Many of these bluetooth headset kits are universal, which means you can use them for full face motorcycle helmet, open face motorcycle helmet or even half cap helmet.

Single or Double kit

If you want only to receive calls from your smartphone and also listen to radio FM and MP3 then you may opt for single set. This is especially useful for dispatch riders or riders who are always on the road.

For motorcycle riders who have pillion rider, you may consider buying double kits for two-way intercom functionality that keeps you connected to your riding companion for conversations and music sharing. This is useful for future long distance touring usage.

Intercom Range

If you are buying for convoy, long distance touring purposes then you have to choose a pair of bluetooth headset kits that have powerful range. Some may perform intercom range from 700m up to 1-2KM depending on models.

Wired or Non Wired

Due to the different shape of motorcycle helmets, you need to buy the specific bluetooth headset model for full face motorcycle helmet. The reason is because some models have boom microphone which is suitable for open face motorcycle helmet or half cap helmet. You have to find out whether fixing these bluetooth headset through clamp-on systems or velcro adhesive.

Quality of intercom

Currently SENA deliver crystal-clear Bluetooth® stereo headset.

Most popular brands include SENA