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Dual Sport Helmets

Dual sport motorcycle helmets are hybrid-style helmets that are specially catered for adventure touring motorcycle riders who enjoy both on and off-road travel on a single ride.

With increasing popularity of adventure riding, many motorcycle manufacturers have developed hybrid-style helmets to appeal to riders of this segment.

The ability to wear goggles under the face shield because of a wider face periphery and configuration is a common feature of dual sport helmets.

Part of the definition of a dual-sport helmet is the peak

Dual-sport peak

  • attached peak to block overhead sun and additional debris while riding
  • easily removable peak on this helmet

Dual sport helmets are the cross between a street and a dirt helmet and are typically good for all weather conditions.

Some of dual sport helmets comes with internal sun visor operates with a slider on the lower left of the helmet shell.

Dual sport motorcycle helmets brand include Arai Tour Cross 4, AGV AX8 EVO, Shoei, CABERG Tourmax where it earn the "World's first enduro flip-up helmet"

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