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Flip Up Helmets

Flip-up motorcycle helmets

Flip-up motorcycle helmet is a hybrid between full face and open face helmets sometimes it is also called modular helmet or "flip-up" helmet.

When fully closed, Flip-up motorcycle helmet resemble full face helmets by bearing a chin bar for absorbing face impacts. Its chin bar can be pivoted upwards by a special lever or button. The chin bar can be fully opened to resemble an open face motorcycle helmet.

Advantages of using a Flip-Up motorcycle helmet

In hot weather, a full face motorcycle helmet is like wearing a hot oven on top of your head although it provide more safety as it protects your chin and face.

With a flip-up helmet, you can have the best of both world. When the weather is hot and humid, you can flip up the chin-bar to let the cool air flow through your face and into the helmet. When you are travelling at high speed, you can flip-down the chin bar and utilize the full face air ventilation system.

Trusted brands of flip-up motorcycle helmets are NOLAN, AGV, SHOEI. New upcoming brand such as CABERG from ITALY.