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CABERG Flip Up Helmets

CABERG Flip Up Helmets

History of CABERG

CABERG started in ITALY in 1974 manufactures for more than 39 years. Caberg claimed to be the first Italian company to introduce a flip up helmet (system helmet) to cater to the touring market. During the years, the strength point of Caberg it has been focusing on smart helmets by combining look with functionality.

CABERG Safety Standards

Caberg is proud to announce that six of its top of the range models have been awarded with an excellent score (four helmets received 5 stars out of 5 and two helmets four stars out of 5) by the SHARP safety test done by the U.K. Department of Transport.

Manufacturing and production facilities are located in house, the production department and a test laboratory, which guarantees successful conformity tests required by the law, so that the CABERG  products offer the highest safety and top comfort to the motorcyclist.

CABERG Testing Safety Standards

The internal laboratory of CABERG uses the most recent equipments avaible to perform tests on helmets required by International Standards. In order to monitor the production and to ensure a high level of quality, the materials used are tested under different environmental conditions.

The main activity of the lab is to test the completed products in order to guarantee the maximum safety and compliance to the customers. The shock absorption, rigidity, deformation of the retention system and the rotational stability are the four basic types of test required by the standard enforced.

The production is constantly checked through a severe quality test process. The commercial network reaches most of the European markets and is present in various non-European countries such as Israel, Russia, Mexico, South America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and Morocco.

CABERG Flip Up Motorcycle Helmets model such as:

  • CABERG Riveria V2