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NOLAN Flip Up Helmets

NOLAN Flip Up Helmets

NOLAN is one the world's leading manufacturer of flip up motorcycle helmets otherwise known as modular helmets. Flip up helmet is a hybrid of a full face motorcycle helmet with the convenience of an open face helmet.

In the early 1970's, NOLAN started production of flip up motorcycle helmets in Bergamo, Italy. NOLAN is well-renowned for using sophisticated materials onto motorcycle helmets to deliver optimum performance to motorcycle riders at a competitive price.

After 30 years of production experience, NOLAN has continue to use innovative technology to broaden its range of motorcycle helmets.

History of NOLAN

"NOLAN" is the brand that represent passion for Two Wheels. The history of Nolan began in 1972 when Lander Nocchi, an entrepreneur in the motorbike and car accessories sector decided to produce motorcycle helmets that could be lighter and more affordable than those on the market at the time.

Highest Quality: Made in ITALY

All the stages in the production cycle of the Nolan helmets are managed within the Company. This is to ensure
the constant evolution of production technology and the highest quality standards.

Safety Standards

NOLAN ensure that Safety is the number one priority placed before all other considerations, such as aesthetic, technical and economic.

NOLAN has an internal laboratory, recognised and certified by the Italian Ministry of Transport to ensure that regulatory compliance testing is carried out. The helmets are also sent to external laboratories for approval.

In addition, the internal laboratory oversees and guarantees all checks on materials, products and production processes, using destructive tests on random samples to ensure constant quality.

NOLAN production plants have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification, the Quality Management System for companies.