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Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Riding Gloves

There are many types of motorcycle gloves in the market. However the main job of wearing a motorcycle gloves is for grip as well as protection for the rider.

Importance of wearing motorcycle gloves for Class 2B learners

Usually, most riders that are riding Class 2A and Class 2 bikes tend to wear motorcycle riding gloves. The reason is because these bigger bikes are heavy and the only control a rider has over the bike is through the handlebars.

In our humid weather, our hands tend to sweat on the handle grip thus making it slippery. It is mandatory for Class 2B bike learners in Singapore Riding Centres to wear a pair of motorcycle gloves. The chances of falling and skidding are quite high especially in the emergency brake area, therefore it is essential for the safety and protection of Class 2B bike learners.

Especially for Class 2B bike learner, there are some bike learners who want to save money by buying "durian" gloves, those cheap white gloves used for painting, however they have choose to sacrifice their own safety. The reason is because wearing durian gloves offer NO protection at all as there are holes all over the "durian"glove.

Please do not wait until you have fall from the bike during bike lesson before deciding to buy a real pair of motorcycle gloves. By the time it is too late, your hands and palm will be injured as they are the first to absorb the impact of a fall. There are real cases where a bike learner wore a pair of durian glove and she fell off from the bike, sand particles went into the durian glove and she suffered abrasion to her palms.

Advantages of wearing motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle gloves padding help to dampen vibration at the handlebars. Some materials are made for shock-absorbing like those in motorcycle racing gloves.

Different type of motorcycle gloves

There are brands with high-tech padding like AlpineStars made for motorcycle racing, heavy-duty gloves racing track and street motorcycle gloves. Look out for these features when buying a high end racing

Hard molded carbon kevlar Knuckle Design
Double Leather on top of fingers and Side of glove for extra protection
Palm of glove double stitched to prevent seam bursting
Foam padding in palm
All internal seams double stitched
Velcro wrist strap for secure fit

Different type of motorcycle gloves material

Commonly racing and track motorcycle gloves are made of various leather like deerskin gloves, cowhide construction.