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Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle riders are constantly subjected to rain or sunshine. It is best to be prepared for the weather just in case you are faced with a heavy thunderstorm or passing showers halfway through your journey.

Why riding without a motorcycle rainjacket in a heavy downpour is dangerous

For a motorcycle rider, adverse weather conditions may greatly affect your focus and concentration. Some of us may want to ride faster in order to rush through the passing rain.

This is very dangerous as the road is slippery and with heavy raindrops lashing against your helmet visor, your vision and situation awareness of the traffic conditions are greatly reduced. Furthermore an impatient mind may ignore road and traffic conditions.

If you are riding along expressway and it start to rain heavily, stop by the roadside and change into wet weather attire. If you feel uncomfortable riding in a very heavy downpour, you might want to stop in the rain shelter specially built for motorcycle riders to sit out the rain.

Riding at night

When you are riding at night, the drop in temperature is significant especially in tropical countries such as Malaysia, Singapore. To protect yourself against harsh cold wind in the early morning or late in the night, you should wear a comfortable inner padded motorcycle windbreaker eg ARAI windbreaker.


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