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Motorcycle Keyrings

Useful utility for motorcycle riders especially for dispatch riders / delivery bikers (KFC, Mcdonald, Pizza Hut, Deliveroo, FoodPanda, HonestBee)--motorcycle keyrings that has carabiner features with secure hold that can connect multiple keys and accessories such as water bottles.

NITEIZE Motorcycle Keys S-BINER
color: STEEL or BLACK
size #2, size#3, size #4, size #5

Made of high quality, weather-resistant stainless steel, this ultra-handy accessory with its dual spring gates will hold, secure, and connect everything from motorcycle keys and cell phones to technical motorcycle gear. Attach valuables to the center bar for ultimate security, link gate ends to a second set of items and anchor, or connect many items together. Smaller-sized S-Biners® are excellent for connecting two zipper sliders on backpacks, water bottle and suitcases.

NITEIZE S BINER carabiner size 3 STEELNITEIZE S BINER carabiner size 3 BLACK

There are six different sizes so you can choose the right size for the task at hand. The smaller sizes are useful for hanging smaller items from a purse or backpack strap, attaching to individual keys or hanging from a hook. The larger sizes work great for bigger jobs like hooking heavy items or a tool to your tool belt.

innovative S-Biners combine the innovation and versatility of a normal carabiner

  • Ideal for dispatch riders / delivery bikers (KFC, Mcdonald, Pizza Hut, Deliveroo, FoodPanda, HonestBee)
  • Features a durable black steel carabiner clip which allows you to clip an existing key chain, purse, jacket, strap or water bottle
  •  Heavy duty construction of high quality Steel components - Keep your keys secure and easily accessible.
  •  Size # 3 Dimensions: 2.67" x 1.18" x 0.26" | 67.97mm x 30.09mm x 6.83mm Weight: 0.49oz | 14.00g weight rating: 25 lb.


NITIZE S-BINER KeyRack Steel organize your multiple keys. Constructed of high quality stainless steel, the rack features a sturdy, secure carabiner gate closure that allows you to clip your keys onto and off of belt loops, zipper pulls, purse straps, second key rings-anything with a loop or D-ring.


The bottom half is a solid loop that holds six #.5 sized Stainless Steel S-Biners that attach and release on either end to keep your keys securely and conveniently organized. Perfect for quick and easy sharing of keys with valets, mechanics, family members and babysitters, the easy on/off feature of these S-Biners also make it easy to take a single key from the rack when you're heading out for a run or motorcycle ride.

NITIZE S-BINER Keyrack carabiner

  • Heavy duty construction of high quality Stainless Steel components
  • Keep your keys secure and easily accessible.
  • Dimensions: 3.00" x 1.20" x 0.49" | 76.45mm x 30.53mm x 12.53mm
  • Weight: 1.09oz | 31.00g
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