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Open Face | Half Face Helmet

Here you will find cheap and affordable Open Face motorcycle helmets
or otherwise commonly known as half face helmet.

Half Face motorcycle helmet is suitable for beginners who need a basic
safety motorbike helmet for learning purposes.

Half face helmets are normally priced cheaper than full face helmets.

As you progress later on, you may opt for other forms of motorcycle

Safety standards for motorcycle helmets

HelmetBoys.com offer the highest Singapore safety standard for
motorcycle helmets which is comparable to DOT and ECE 22.05

Singapore Safety Standards

All of our Half Face motorcycle helmets has the "PSB TEST" sticker.

Only those batch of helmets that have been tested accordance to
SS9 standard regulated by Singapore Traffic Police are affixed
with the "PSB TEST" sticker.

Singapore motorcycle safety standard PSB approved

Name of Standard:         Protective helmets for motor cyclists
Standard Number:         SS 9: 1992

Motor Bike Learners

In Singapore, bike learning centers required a bike learner to use
a motorcycle helmet with the approved "PSB TEST" sticker.

If not the student bike learner is barred from taking that particular
motorbike lesson.

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