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KOMINE is a Japanese brand that was founded after 1945

KOMINE history

After 1945, Komine Shunsuke who was in love with motorcycles like Indian and Triumph which lead to him founding his first business in Taito ward of Tokyo as a wholesale trade company for bicycles and tires. The company, Komine Shoukai, became the predecessor of Komine Auto Center.

The founder Komine Shunsuke seized the opportunity at the start of the “age of the motorcycle” in Japan. During 1953 Komine Shoukai reorganized and changed its name to the Komine Bike Industrial Corporation and began to wholesale its own manufactured goods.

KOMINE motorcycle riders protection

As motorcycle riders have no external body to absorb the forces of an impact as a car does, the goal of Komine Auto Center evolved to save lives and production of high quality goods.

KOMINE invested in product development and research of body protection and armor. The investment made lead to the production of helmets which passed the official approval of the American Snell foundation in 1967.

Also a private factory was opened in 1969 to produce quality protection in the area of the body most vulnerable to impact, as Komine was thinking solely of riders lives and safety. KOMINE helmets, which passed the Snell standard, also won high praise as international exports to the United States, England and Australia.