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PRO Helmet

PRO open face / half face Motorcycle Helmets

PRO motorcycle helmet is one of upcoming medium-priced range with trendy
designs. Although PRO motorcycle helmet is a newbie on the block, it is
catching up fast with its innovative designs.

PRO Helmet Quality

Today's inexpensive helmets have attained some levels of quality.  So the once
dramatic difference between cheap and expensive helmets is no longer
quite as apparent.

PRO Helmet Safety Standards

HelmetBoys.com only offer PRO Open / Half Face motorcycle helmets that has
been tested and affixed with the "PSB TEST" label.

Only those motorcycle helmets that have been tested according to
strict SS9 standard are affixed with the "PSB TEST" sticker.
Safety standards are regulated by Singapore Traffic Police.

Name of Standard:         Protective helmets for motor cyclists
Standard Number:         SS 9: 1992