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YOHE Helmet

Since 1993, YOHE specializes in manufacturing motorcycle helmet exclusively.

YOHE Helmet Production

All vital parts of the motorcycle helmets are within YOHE's control to ensure that you will have the highest quality. The complete helmet production line includes shell production (ABS and FRP), painting, sewing and assembly. YOHE has also two other factories; EPS and decal factory.

YOHE Helmet Safety Standards

YOHE has developed motorcycle helmets that meet different safety standards in the world. YOHE has invested in world's highest level of ECE, DOT special testing equipment so that YOHE can carry out the test of major regulations 

  • ECE22.05
  • DOT
  • AS1698:2006

Safety standard attained:

All YOHE motorcycle helmets in HelmetBoys.com online store are batch tested in accordance to SS9 standard regulated by Singapore Traffic Police (Singapore PSB TEST) SS 9: 1992