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AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

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AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

Introducing AGV NUMO flip up motorcycle helmet. "Numo" is a brand top of the range flip up helmet in the AGV collection. Using all the information collected from previous flip up models such as LONGWAY, the helmet designers in AGV have improved and ugraded to produce the model NUMO. The design of the NUMO largely reflect AGV’s latest innovations such as HORIZON and SKYLINE. The Singapore Traffic Police is currently using AGV NUMO Flip up motorcycle helmets for all their motorcycle patrol police officers.

For many years AGV have been at the forefront of motorcycle helmet innovation, developing numerous technologies with the help of some of the world's greatest motorcycle riders such as multiple MotoGP world champion "The Doctor" Valentino Rossi. This collaboration with the likes of Valentino Rossi has allowed AGV to make riding on the road a safer and more pleasurable experience.

AGV helmet logo

  • Approved by PSB safety label
  • ISV Integrated Sun Visor
  • Integrated Ventilation System
  • Fully removable, washable inner lining
  • GT2 visor, Anti Scratch, Anti Fog, 100% UV protection
  • XQRS: Extra Quick Release System
  • PVM: Personalized visor mechanism
  • Made in ITALY


AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet slant

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Face Shield Inner Sun Visor

The AGV Numo helmet is a flip up helmet with great style. The Numo helmet is ideal for commuting and touring with the easy-to-operate flip internal sun visor.

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet sunvisor

AGV NUMO Flip Up helmet comes with internal sun visor which AGV calls it "ISV Integrated Sun Visor". You can activate the switch for the inner sunvisor easily on the left side of the visor mechanism. SUN VISOR OPERATION: The sun visor isoperated using the lever located on the left side of the helmet. To lower the sunvisor, push the lever upwards. To retract the sunvisor, push the lever downwards.

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet sunvisor

The face shield rotates through four positions and possess good optical qualities with no obvious distortions. The dark sun visor can be rotated independently from the clear face shield.

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Visor Rotation Mechanism

There are many advanced innovative features such as XQRS : Extra Quick Release System, which allow you to change the GT2 visor in seconds without any tools (GT2+ISV).

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet XQRS

PVM: Personalized visor mechanism function as interchangeable visor ratchet mechanism which you can readily change it for different modes of riding such as Race/Street/City.

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet PVM

You can flip-up the chin bar by depressing a centrally located red button. AGV NUMO flip up helmet incorporates "Easy-lift" one hand operation chin bar. This mean that by pressing the red button once, the chin bar will raise up automatically without your hand and it operates like a convertible car raising its roof; slowly and elegantly. It is truly impressive to use the innovative features.

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet easy lift

AGV NUMO flip up helmet rotating flip-up visor mechanism feels more solid than other brands of flip-up helmets. It has only one detent to hold it up in the raised position.

AGV NUMO flip up motorcycle helmet visor gear

The picture above show the close up of AGV NUMO flip up motorcycle helmet visor gear. It is easily to swap and take out the clear visor with a single pull of the red tab. AGV NUMO visor chin bar cannot be locked compared to other flip-up helmet such as NOLAN, SHOEI. When you pull down the chin bar, you can hear the solid snap sound which gives you a sense of security that the chin bar is fully shut.

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet side

AGV NUMO flip up helmet visor rotation mechanism uses the friction system to hold the face shield. When you raised the visor, it allows a virtually unlimited choice for positioning. The visor rotates way up above the brow of the helmet shell.

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Air Ventilation

There are two large vents and wide channels throughout the shell for maximum airflow and improved aerodynamic penetration. The (IVS) integrated ventilation system ensures that there is a large flow of air throughout the helmet for optimum comfort.

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet IVS

The top air ventilation intakes allow direct airflow passage through the EPS shell and onto the rider's head. To open/close the frontal top air vents, push the switches up/down. The chin vent with three horizontal V-shaped splitters when the slider is in the center position. Air flows up through the chin bar only.

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet front

In the closed position, the perception is that of a full helmet, thanks to the streamlined chin guard tested in wind tunnel developed aeroacoustics which is perfectly integrated into the line of the shell.

With the chin guard open, AGV NUMO is very compact because of its narrow, streamlined chin guard and the lateral lines with the shortest shell/ chin guard distance in the category. The Low drag / Low lift aerodynamic shell further reduces the "SAIL effect" during usage with the chin guard open. The air intakes channel are similar to typical AGV’s GT helmets which are not too evident.

When the chin air intake lever is in the center position, it opens a slider along the top of the chin bar and you can feel the air flowing up onto the inner side of face shield. There are no direct air vents through the chin bar due to the flip-up helmet locking mechanism. There are two small rear exhaust extractor vents on the neckroll of the flip up helmet.

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Shell Construction

AGV NUMO flip up helmet has High Resistance ThermoPlastic Resin Shell and Multi Density E.P.S. (inner shell) shell construction. AGV NUMO seems to have about average resistance to flex when the rotating visor is in the locked position. You can rest assured with a piece of mind that AGV NUMO Motorcycle Helmet has passed stringent Singapore Safety Standards SS 9: 1992 and attained the "PSB TEST Approved" safety label.

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet back

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Padding

AGV NUMO internal padding is one of the highest quality ever produced in the flip up motorcycle helmet category. The picture below show the microperforated Dry Comfort Lycra lining with sanitized antibacterial hygienic treatment which is so comfortable and luxurious to touch and feel. Those microfleece padding of other helmets cannot compare to AGV NUMO lavish Lycra padding. When you touch the "Rolls Royce" lush padding, you will immediately realized that it is made of deluxe material and it is one of the flip helmets that is truly gratifying to wear.

AGV NUMO flip up motorcycle helmet inner cushion

AGV NUMO 3D interior, one-piece moulded adjustable head lining makes this helmet fit across a wide range of head shapes. Removable and washable internal padding ensures that you can keep the internal helmet clean and and fresh.

The chin strap uses the simple yet effective double D-ring closure system and micrometric fastening enables to you secure your helmet safely. The neck opening has additional plumb cushion material around the neck roll area so that you can feel comfortable and reduce rider fatigue.

AGV NUMO has a rich array of innovative features which make it one of the benchmark flip up models in terms of comfort, dimensions, safety and functionality. Consequently AGV NUMO is the ideal helmet for those in search of the aesthetics and safety of a full helmet and the practicality of an open style, in a combination that can also boast leading technical innovations and Made in ITALY production that ensure the highest quality.

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm

AGV LONGWAY II flip up helmet size guide

Unsure of which helmet size to take? Please click here for instructions and watch video
on how to measure your head for the correct helmet size

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Features

  • Ready for BluetoothR AGVoice kit
  • Wind tunnel developed aeroacoustics
  • Dual homologation P&J
  • Micrometric buckle retention system
  • Removeable chin curtain

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet anti fogAGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet scratch resistantAGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet UV

AGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet iridium visorAGV NUMO Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet rainbow visor

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