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ARAI SZ RAM 3 Helmet

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ARAI SZ RAM 3 Motorcycle Helmet Half Face

ARAI SZ RAM 3: The preeminent brand ARAI need no further introduction. Arai motorcycle helmets have an outstanding reputation for safety. The ultimate pinnacle in motorcycle helmet's technology. Arai helmets' superior quality are so highly advanced that the world's highest level of racing Formula One F1 and MotoGP racers have depended on ARAI helmets for their lives.

ARAI RAM 3 is no longer in production

--ARAI factory no longer produce ARAI RAM 3 helmets

--New latest model please click here -->ARAI RAM 4 helmets

Who wants to buy outdated model when the new latest model is already available for sale. It is the same like wanting to buy Apple Iphone 3G model when the latest model Iphone 5 has the most advanced technology. Why buy outdated models when you are already paying top dollar for a high quality helmet?

  • Unique Visor Brow Ventilation System
  • Complex Laminate Construction shell
  • colour: GunMetal Grey (Collector's item as ARAI RAM4 does not produce GunMetal Grey)

ARAI SZ RAM3 helmet top air vents

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Air Ventilation System

ARAI is the fore front leader in helmet technology and the features you have seen in other brand of motorcycle helmets are widely copied by other brand manufacturers. The best example is Arai RX-7 RR5 helmet series which is the world's first diffuser-mounted motorcycle helmet. This feature is widely copied and you can find the central mounted air diffuser in EVO RS959 helmet and EVO RS747 helmets

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Helmet Overall Air Flow System

*Blue arrows represent cool air flowing into the helmet
*Orange arrows represent hot stale air being expelled out

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Top Air Ventilation

To harness the effective use of negative pressure to expel hot stale air when riding, ARAI SZ RAM 3 helmet adopt innovative ventilation system to transfer heat from inside of the helmet to outside. There are six holes on top of the helmet. The two frontal air vents for air intake and the remaining four holes force the air out to the back. There is a switch control at the central mounted air diffuser when you can stop the introduction of air.

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Helmet top air diffuserARAI SZ RAM 3 Helmet Top Air Ventilation System

The function of the central mounted diffuser is to suck the hot stale air out rather than the conventional method of trying to force fresh air into the helmet. In addition this TYPE-7 ventilation system allow air to flow smoothly on the intake side. The newly designed TYPE-7 ventilation system also enhanced the quietness of the front air intake. ARAI has incoporated the central mounted diffuser technology from ARAI RX-7 RR5 to an half face motorcycle helmet ARAI SZ RAM 3.


ARAI SZ RAM3 helmet adjustable air vents

As you can see from the picture above, there is a small adjustable flow rate switch behind the rear exhaust fin. The function of this feature is adjust or stop the exhaust flow rate depending on riding conditions.

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Side Air Venting System

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Helmet Side Air Vents

It is very common to have heat buildup inside the ear area around the helmet. ARAI SZ RAM 3 helmet utilize the fully adjustable Type-5 diffuser system where hot air can be expelled out through the side vents. You can see the actual side vent picture below.

ARAI SZ RAM3 helmet side air vents

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Unique Visor Brow Venting System

ARAI helmets have the minimimum the number of pass-through holes in the helmet shell by including features like the unique face shield brow venting system and external rotating mechanism for the face shield. If you look closely at the ARAI SZ RAM 3 visor face shield, there are two air vent scoops right on the visor face shield. The purpose of the Visor Brow Ventilation System provides fresh cooling air into the rider's upper face area.

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Helmet Visor Brow Air Venting System

The two Visor Brow airvent scoops can be open by pulling down the shutter fin to let cool air (blue arrow) flowing from the outside onto the rider's forehead. When it start to rain, please push the shutter fin to close so that rain water will not seep into the helmet interior. The Brow Vent Faceshied Ventilation System technology disregard the need for holes in the critical forehead area or in the impact-absorbing liner material.

ARAI SZ RAM3 helmet airflow

AS you can see from the picture above, the cool air flowing in from the visor air scoops are channelled directly through air vent ducts and onto your forehead area. ARAI innovative technology are well thought out for the rider's needs.

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Helmet Shell Construction

ARAI RAM 3 helmet shell-construction material (Complex Laminate Construction) utilizes Arai's proprietary aerospace fiberglass technology to achieve a strong, impact flexible motorcycle helmet without increasing the helmet weight. Fiberglass composite besides being lightweight, also allow the use of softer, less-dense liner materials for increased rider comfort.

Three-stage foam liner
ARAI RAM 3 helmet incoporates three-stage foam liner to absorb the impact delivered to the frontal area. By varying the hardness of the liner which require sophisticated technology, a buffer effect can be obtained to absorb and withstand the shock in the event of an impact. Other brand of motorcycle helmets take the easy way out by producing uniform hardness of the liner throughout the helmet.

Arai also continues to use fiberglass for their motorcycle helmet shell because this material can be designed to spread the load forces more evenly.  You can enjoy a peace of mind knowing that ARAI RAM 3 helmet has passed through stringent Singapore Safety Standards SS 9: 1992 batch testing and attained the "PSB TEST" safety label. ARAI RAM 3 helmet also meet or exceed Snell and DOT standards.

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Helmet Wind Noise Reduction

ARAI RAM 3 helmet is designed such that the slightest wind or wind noise are further reduced in the gap between face shield and helmet shell. Therefore the edge of ARAI RAM 3 helmet shell is designed to stop the infiltration of wind for reduced wind noise.

ARAI SZ RAM3 helmet front

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Helmet Interior Lining

ARAI RAM 3 helmet has the most unique EPS liner which helps to assist energy absorption upon impact. The hybrid EPS liner has EPS cells that form a mutual bond to absorbed the force when the helmet is crushed under impact. 

ARAI RAM 3 helmet offers the latest version of Arai's INNOVATIVE DRY-COOL® LINING. The Dry-Cool® removable liner has micro cells that absorb moisture such as sweat and dissipate heat away from your head.  This keep your head cool and dry without having the sticky feeling especially if you are in humid tropical countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. The Dry-Cool® lining also dry up faster between hot rides.

The liner has been wrapped in mesh material which is soft to touch. The inner cheek pads, inner lining and chin strap are removable and washable. This allow you to have hygiene maintenance with periodic washing.

ARAI SZ RAM3 helmet inner lining interior


ARAI SZ RAM 3 Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm
* XXL : 63-64cm
* XXXL : 65-66cm

Unsure of which helmet size to take? Please click here for instructions and watch video
on how to measure your head for the correct helmet size

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Helmet Colors

ARAI SZ RAM 3 motorcycle helmets comes also in two other different colors; GunMetal Grey / Fire Red

ARAI SZ RAM3 motorcycle helmet slantARAI SZ RAM3 motorcycle helmet backflip

ARAI SZ RAM 3 Helmet Features

    * Sizes available : S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL
    * colour: GunMetal Grey
    * Ventilation: Dynamic system with two front and rear exhaust vents
    * Shield Mechanism: Visor rotation mechanism
    * Removable inner lining (can be taken out to wash)
    * Aerodynamic designed for Optimum AirFlow

Fully adjustable Type-5 diffuser system

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