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MFIZZ EVO 2 Motorcycle Helmet Half Face

This is an exciting facelift of the most popular MFIZZ lineup of motorcycle helmets: EVOLUTION II™ aka EVO 2. It has been a while since MFIZZ EVO 2 has been in the market and it is high time for a facelift. The reason why EVOLUTION II™ has captivated so many motorbikers in Asia is because of its special flamboyant styling.

In fact EVOLUTION II™ helmet has been so well known that it has a cult following by a certain group of motorcycle enthusiasts namely Honda SP riders. EVOLUTION II™ helmet has become the de facto standard motorcycle helmet brand for Honda SP riders.

It has been so popular that copycats design are sprouting and competition has imitated the design right up to the air vents. As they say "imitation is a form of flattery", however in South East Asia especially in Singapore, when you mentioned about motorcycle helmet brands, EVOLUTION II™ immediately spring to their mind.

  • 30% tinted visor (legally allowed in Singapore)
  • Approved by Singapore "PSB Test" safety label
  • colour: Fuschia Pink

evolution 2 logo(Trademarked)

EVO 2 EVOLUTION II™ Air Ventilation System

There are two humongous rear air exhaust vents on top of the EVOLUTION II™ motorcycle helmet which has completely charmed many motorcycle riders in Singapore and Malaysia. If you look closely through the wire air mesh, there are ample space for air to flow past into the inner helmet and expelled through the back of the helmet.

EVO 2 motorcycle helmet has been fitted with an angular rear exhaust vent spoiler which looked similar to OGK AeroBlade II if not for the two triangular wire mesh air vents. There is no central diffuser like those found in EVO RS 959 (helmet review) however there is an open / close ventilation shutter on top of the helmet. 

EVOLUTION II™ unique styling have its own fans and detractors. It was considered radical with its boy-racer styling and make the rider center of attention. However for those who like simple and classic styling, the flashy design is too much for them to handle. 


MFIZZ EVO2 motorcycle helmet pink back

EVO 2 Motorcycle Helmet Visor (30% tinted street legal)

With the new facelift, EVO 2 motorcycle helmet comes with a 30% tinted visor original from the manufacturer. This 30% tinted visor is street legal as it has passed PSB approved batch testing and this is not an after-market add on. This has been a great news for motorcycle riders in Singapore. With all year round strong sunlight, riders are often faced with the blinding sunlight which is dangerous.

MFIZZ EVO2 motorcycle helmet pink front

Tinted Visor Background Information

Before the arrival of helmets with sun visors (read SPINO helmet with SunVisor review and HYPER CLASSIC helmet) and the current EVO 30% tinted visor, Singapore motorcyle riders who wear spectacles are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Back in the past, their predicament is a thorn in the flesh because they cannot wear sunglasses and to avoid strong blinding sunlight and for their own safety sake, they risked wearing a dark tinted visor. Now their problem is solved as there are legally approved motorcycle helmets with Sun Visors and the current EVOLUTION II™ street legal 30% tinted visor.

If you are an expat in Singapore here's some information:

  • motorcycle riders are allowed to wear sunglasses
  • motorcycle helmet with Sun Visor that has the "PSB Approved" safety label are allowed in Singapore
  • both rider and pillon are liable to be fined by Singapore Traffic Police / ROV if visor is not at least 70% light transmittance
  • riding with a motorcycle helmet without PSB approved label are liable to be fined by Singapore Traffic Police / ROV

With effect from 1st July 2004, riders and pillions will be allowed to wear tinted visors which have at least 70% light transmittance.
@source Singapore Traffic Police

MFIZZ EVO2 motorcycle helmet pink side

EVOLUTION II™ motorcycle helmet has a wide visor view. The advantage of wearing a half-face helmet is the unlimited forward visibility provided by the design. The wide visor opening does not obstruct the motorcycle rider's peripheral vision when looking straight ahead. EVO 2 helmet visor has good optical properties and better peripheral vision means more safety for the rider.

EVO 2 Helmet Visor Rotation Mechanism

EVO 2 helmet incorporates shield mechanism without side plates. This result in doing away with the old and clumsy side pods with screws. Nowadays helmets fitted with visor rotation mechanism is the industry norm and if your motorcycle helmet still has those side pods with screws, you should considered upgrading to a new helmet because you do not know what you are missing out.

EVO 2 helmet face shield rotating mechanism has a firm feel and the channel holders on either side do a good job at keeping the face shield firm and secured when it's raised or lowered.

EVO 2 Helmet Shell Construction

EVO 2 helmet shell-construction materials is fiberglass-based which does the best job of spreading and dissipating impact energy through strength, structural integrity and impact-flexibility. You can enjoy a peace of mind knowing that EVO 2 helmet has passed stringent Singapore Safety Standards SS 9: 1992 and attained the "PSB TEST" label.

MFIZZ EVO2 motorcycle helmet pink PSB approved safety label

EVO 2 Helmet Lining

EVO 2 helmet has a fairly basic liner compared to other EVO helmets which has higher quality. The liner has been wrapped in plush velvet which is soft to touch. The inner cheek pads and inner lining are removable. This allow you to have hygiene maintenance with periodic washing.

evolution 2 helmet inner lining

EVO 2 Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm

Unsure of which helmet size to take? Please click here for instructions and watch video
on how to measure your head for the correct helmet size

EVO 2 Helmet Colors

EVOLUTION II™ motorcycle helmets comes also in two other different colors; Glossy Black / Pearl White

MFIZZ EVO2 motorcycle helmet pink backflip

EVO 2 Helmet Features

    * Approved by PSB sticker
    * Sizes available : S / M / L / XL
    * colour: Fuschia Pink
    * Ventilation: Dynamic system with two front and rear exhaust vents
    * Shield Mechanism: Visor rotation mechanism without side plates
    * Removable inner lining (can be taken out to wash)
    * Aerodynamic designed for Optimum AirFlow

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