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EVO RS 959 Helmet PINK

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EVO RS 959 Motorcycle Half Face / Open Face Helmet

Introducing the latest EVO range of motorcycle helmets. EVO RS 959 VERSION II now comes in wide range of colors; Candyfloss PINK, Sports Red, Royal Blue. Sharp visor styling is first class compared to other earlier EVO motorcycle helmets. From first glance, you may mistaken EVO RS 959 for ARAI SZ-RAM 4. The similarities are intentional as the technology of the world's first diffuser-mounted motorcycle helmet, the RX-7 series, are brought and implemented on EVO RS 959 open-face helmet.

  • Approved by PSB sticker
  • colour: CandyFloss Pink



EVO RS 959 PINK Helmet Visor

EVO RS 959 pink helmet has narrower visor opening giving the rider a sharp look with a hint of racing stylishness. Styling designs and technology goes hand in hand when you are wearing a EVO RS 959 open face motorcycle helmet. See pictures below

RS959 PINK helmet side visor view


EVO RS 959 PINK helmet Face Shield

You will be surprised that EVO RS 959 face shield is so flexible that it is unbreakable. It is made up of advanced polycarbonate material not found in common motorcycle helmet visors. As EVO RS 959 has passed the PSB TEST safety requirements, one of the criteria is how a motorcycle helmet visor will affect the rider in the case of an accident. If you are not convinced that EVO RS 959 face shield is unbreakable click the play button and watch the video below.

EVO RS 959 PINK Helmet Front and Rear Air Vent Flow

Now EVO RS 959 pink helmet VERSION II comes with additional rear air exhaust at the side of the helmet. The best way to ventilate a motorcycle helmet is to pull the hot stale air out, rather than supplying fresh air in. Although EVO RS 959 is a half face motorcycle helmet, its Air Ventilation System is comparable to a full face motorcycle helmet. There is a central air diffuser mounted at the top center.

The positive air flow forces air into the top of the helmet through a series of curving holes near the front of the diffuser, and negative air pressure is used towards the back of the diffuser to pull air through the helmet and out to the back.  

EVO RS 959 pink helmet rear air exhaust

The grey piece that you see from rear bottom side of the helmet serves as the rear exhaust. There are two rear exhaust, one at each lower side of the EVO RS959 helmet. All EVO RS 959 motorcycle helmet VERSION II have these new features.

EVO RS 959 PINK Helmet Top Ventilation

There are three top mounted buttons which act as a shut off ventilation system. By pushing the button forward, you can control the air flow pressures that would otherwise disrupt the air flowing.

EVO RS 959 pink helmet top air vents

EVO RS 959 PINK Helmet Shell Construction

There are many "revolutionary" shell-construction materials out there in the marketplace however tests have shown that fiberglass-based construction does the best job of performing a motorcycle-helmet shell's main job - spreading and dissipating impact energy through strength, structural integrity and impact-flexibility. That is why EVO RS 959 has passed stringent Singapore Safety Standards SS 9: 1992 and attained the "PSB TEST" label.

EVO RS 959 helmet safety label

EVO RS 959 PINK Helmet Lining

EVO RS 959 has a top quality lining, which is removable and washable.  It consists of separate pieces including the cheek pads and lining.  Various improvement has been made to allow moisture and heat to transfer from your head into the airflow inside the helmet. This leaves your head dry and cool during your ride. The chin strap uses the simple yet effective double D-ring closure system, and there's a nice black button provided to secure the loose end of the strap when riding. (see pictures) Small details such as an engraved "EVO" logo at the D-ring makes you feel owning a EVO RS959 is truly worthwhile.



EVO RS 959 PINK Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm

Unsure of which helmet size to take? Please click here for instructions and watch video
on how to measure your head for the correct helmet size

EVO RS 959 PINK Helmet Features

  • Ventilation: Dynamic system with three front and rear exhaust vents
  • Shield Mechanism: Visor rotation mechanism with side pods
  • Removable inner lining (can be taken out to wash)
  • Aerodynamic designed for Optimum AirFlow

EVO RS 959 Helmet Accessories

Additional accessories : Iridium Visor aka Rainbow visor, Smoked Visor, Chrome Visor

EVO RS 959 pink helmet slant view

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