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HYPER Classic Helmet

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HYPER "Classic" Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

Announcing revolutionary HYPER model of motorcycle helmets. HYPER "Classic" styling went back to its roots and brought back retro style. What is so special about HYPER "Classic" is the technology breakthrough in-built sunvisor. This proves to be a hit and widely popular among tropical and sunny countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Approved by PSB sticker
  • colour: Glossy Black / Pearl White

HYPER "Classic" in-built Sun Visor

HYPER "Classic" helmet has a wide visor view opening. The sides of the visor opening are way past the boundaries of the motorcycle rider's peripheral vision when looking straight ahead.  Better peripheral vision means more safety for the rider. Most of the new motorcycle helmets  have narrower visor openings which means that the rider have to turn his head much farther to see oncoming traffic. 


Advantages of in-built Sun Visor

By introducing in-built sunvisor, the rider can conveniently pull down the sun visor when face with bright sunshine. Have you ever face with the glaring sun rays and it blinded you for a few seconds? This is extremely dangerous when riding. As a motorcyclist, we do not have the luxury of a sun shade that can be conveniently put up by a car driver. Other benefits include:

  • do not need tinted visors (it is illegal to wear them in Singapore)
  • do not need cumbersome sunglasses (taking them on/off is tiresome)
  • block sun glare with a flick of your finger
  • makes you look cool like a fighter pilot

HYPER "Classic" Helmet Visor Rotation Mechanism

HYPER "Classic" helmet incorporates side plates without screws. The chic polished side knob hides away the ugly visor rotation mechanism. Just beneath the left side knob lies the in-built sunvisor switch. See pictures below


HYPER "Classic" Front Air Vent Flow

HYPER "Classic" helmet back-to-basic retro style turn itself into a "bald" motorcycle helmet. At a glance, you may mistaken it as old fashioned. Fortunately, its designers include two sleek front air vents that cleverly allow airflow inside without obstructing its smooth outline. See picture below.


HYPER "Classic" Helmet Shell Construction

HYPER "Classic" helmet's shell-construction is fiberglass-based. This is considered the best material for performing a motorcycle-helmet shell's main job - spreading and dissipating impact energy through strength, structural integrity and impact-flexibility.

HYPER "Classic" Helmet Safety Standard

With a strong structural integrity, HYPER "Classic" helmet has passed stringent Singapore Safety Standards SS 9: 1992 and attained the "PSB TEST" label.


HYPER "Classic" Helmet Inner Lining

HYPER "Classic" helmet has a soft velvet lining, which is removable and washable.  It consists of separate pieces including the cheek pads and lining.  Ventilated inner linings allow moisture and heat to transfer from your head into the airflow inside the helmet. This leaves your head dry and cool during your ride. The chin strap uses the simple yet effective double D-ring closure system.


HYPER "Classic" Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm

Unsure of which helmet size to take? Please click here for instructions and watch video
on how to measure your head for the correct helmet size

HYPER "Classic" Helmet Features

  • Ventilation: two front adjustable air inlets (open/close)
  • Shield Mechanism: Visor rotation mechanism without side pods
  • Removable inner lining and cheek pads (can be taken out to wash)
  • Optimum AirFlow

HYPER classic helmet white slant view

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