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Generation III Motorcycle Half Face | Open Face Helmet

Generation 3 by MFIZZ is an affordable motorcycle helmet with sharp visor. The design of Generation 3 helmet looks almost exactly the same as EVO RS959 with the stylish sharp visor. However for the amount of price you are paying, there is bound to have some significant difference between Generation 3 helmet and EVO RS959 helmet in terms of quality.

Generation III motorcycle helmet logo

As you might know that EVO RS959 is modelled after ARAI SZ RAM 3 with the central air diffuser. The similarities are intentional as the technology of the world's first diffuser-mounted motorcycle helmet, the RX-7 series, are brought and implemented on EVO RS 959 open-face helmet. However the central diffuser are omitted from Generation 3 helmet.

  • Approved by PSB safety standard sticker
  • colour: Titanium Grey / Snow White / Glossy Black

Generation III Helmet Visor Face Shield

Generation III helmet visor mechanism is almost the same as EVO RS959 helmet. However do not raise your hopes of getting an RS 959 tinted sharp visor to install on Generation 3 helmet. The reason is because there is a slight difference in the visor gear mechanism which makes RS 959 rainbow / chrome sharp visor unable to fit on Generation 3 helmet.

Generation III Motorcycle Helmet grey front

Generation III Helmet Visor Rotation Mechanism

Generation III helmet visor rotation mechanism uses the friction system to hold the face shield. When you raised the visor, it allows a virtually unlimited choice for positioning. However after much usage, you will face the challenge of a loose visor rotation mechanism.

Generation 3 helmet grey side

Generation III Helmet Streamline Design

For those riders who are searching for a motorcycle half face helmet that is less bulky, Generation III helmet fits the bill. With its streamlined design at the back sloping upwards, it makes the rider head look less big and bulky. The contours at the back and at the side draw the eye away from the shape of the motorcycle helmet.

gen3-motorcycle helmet-white-backflip

Generation III Helmet Safety Standard

You will ride with a peace of mind knowing that Generation 3 helmet has attained the "PSB TUV SUV TEST" safety label which is regulated by Singapore Traffic Police. Every shipment of Generation 3 helmet must go through the stringent safety standard and vigorously batch inspected and tested.

gen3-helmet-psb-safety label

Generation III Helmet Lining

Compare to EVO RS 959 open-face helmet, Generation 3 helmet inner lining are significantly of lower quality which feel a bit squishy and spongy. EVO RS959 helmet has top quality mesh lining, which is removable and washable.  EVO RS959 helmet consists of separate pieces including the cheek pads and inner lining. For the case of Generation 3 helmet, only the side cheeks are removable.

Generation III Helmet inner Lining

Generation III Helmet Colors

Generation 3 motorcycle helmets come in three different colors: Gunmetal grey, Snow White, Glossy Black

Generation III Motorcycle Helmet grey slantGeneration III Motorcycle Helmet white slantGeneration III Motorcycle Helmet black slant

Generation III Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm

How To Buy Helmet in Singapore (FREE delivery right to your doorstep)

To buy Call / SMS: 9760 4293  HelmetBoys.com provide FREE delivery
right to your doorstep. Please provide us the required helmet size and
delivery address.

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