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OGK AeroBlade Full Face Helmet

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Product Description

OGK AeroBlade Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

OGK AeroBlade full face helmets are made in Japan and this is the first generation of OGK AeroBlade series which precedes AEROBLADE II. You might not heard of the brand OGK but some of the World Superbike and Supersport riders wear OGK helmets although it is not widely recognised as ARAI or SHOEI. Over the years, OGK full face helmets have build up a cult following among Asian motorcycle riders. OGK's motto is "improvement of people's lifestyle through motorcycle industry" which sounds a bit grand.

  • Approved by PSB safety label
  • colour: Metallic Silver / Glossy Black
  • sizes: M / L only

OGK  AEROBLADE FullFace Helmet logo

OGK FullFace helmet logo

OGK AEROBLADE FullFace Helmet slant view

OGK AeroBlade Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Top Air Ventilation System

OGK AeroBlade full face helmet are not only racy and modern, it also intergrates race-style helmet design with air flow technology.  uses the older air ventilation system. However you can definitely feel more air flow inside OGK AeroBlade full face helmet than most of the full face helmets. This is created by air flowing through the Aeroblade diffuser to pull fresh air from inside the helmet. 

There are four air intake vents on top of the OGK full face helmet and two huge rear exhaust vent that channel airflow through the aerodynamic rear fin.

OGK AEROBLADE FullFace Helmet top air vents

OGK AEROBLADE FullFace Helmet top air vents

It is refreshing to feel a cool burst of air and nice cooling breeze across the forehead and inside the top of the OGK AeroBlade full face helmet.  You can expect OGK AeroBlade full face helmet's air ventilation system to do an excellent job of pulling the air from the front and out through the back.

OGK AeroBlade Full Face Helmet Chin Air Vent

You can feel the cool rush of air through the filters in the chin vent. There is an "Open/ Close" mechanism to shut the flow off if desired.  You can also "open/close" the vents sliding the airvents channels that are mounted on top of the helmet.  The combination of OGK AeroBlade full face helmet system of air vents, exhaust and the aerodynamic helmet shape really work to give you the maximum airflow you need.

OGK AEROBLADE FullFace Helmet side air vents

OGK AeroBlade Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Visor

The OGK AeroBlade full face helmet has a wide visor opening and it is made of abrasion-resistant coating.  The sides of the visor opening are way past the boundaries of the rider's vision when looking straight ahead.  Better peripheral vision is safer as it allow the rider to take quick blind spot checks in traffic or when overtaking.

OGK AEROBLADE FullFace Helmet rear finOGK AEROBLADE FullFace Helmet back view


How to Change OGK AeroBlade Full Face Helmet Visor

You can change the OGK AeroBlade full face helmet visor easily unlike other complicated full face helmets where you need to consult the instruction manual. First step is to raise the visor to its highest level. Then you can proceed to push the button on the side pod, pull and the visor pop right out with minimum effort.  To re-install the helmet visor, push it back in to the side pod until you hear a "click" sound.  Easy as ABC.

OGK AeroBlade Full Face Helmet Shell Construction

OGK AeroBlade full face helmet has Fiberglass/Kevlar construction which means it is incredibly light compared to other full face motorcycle helmets. OGK AeroBlade full face helmet are batch tested according to the stringent Singapore Safety Standards SS 9: 1992 which are given the "PSB Approved" safety label. This type of batch testing are costly but it ensure the quality of the full face helmet and does not compromise the safety of the motorcycle rider.


OGK AeroBlade Full Face Helmet Safety Standard

OGK AeroBlade full face helmet meets and attained the "PSB TEST" label which is regulated by Singapore Traffic Police Force. However keep in mind that no motorcycle helmet can guarantee complete safety and protection for the rider from all possible impacts even though the motorcycle helmet has official safety approvals, therefore please ride safely. What it means to you is that OGK AeroBlade full face helmet has reached a certain standard of safety eg, visor will not hurt the rider under high impact and still offer a reasonable amount of protection to the motorcyclist.

OGK AEROBLADE FullFace Helmet PSB safety label

OGK AeroBlade Full Face Helmet Lining

The OGK AeroBlade full face helmet uses a very basic lining which is removable and washable. It consists of separate pieces, including the neck pad, cheek pads, and lining.  There are no mesh openings at the top of the lining unlike those found in OGK FF3, FF4 and FF5, which allow air to flow freely over the rider's head.  The material is made of soft velvet, similar to those used by Arai and SHOEI. However it cannot compare to the high quality of subsequent FF3, FF4 and FF5 model.

OGK AEROBLADE FullFace Helmet inner lining

The chin strap uses an effective double "D" ring strap attachment and a snap fastener to hold the loose end of the helmet strap.  As OGK AeroBlade full face helmet is quite dated, some of the open face motorcycle helmets like EVO RS959 has even higher quality.

OGK AeroBlade full face Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm

There are basically three head shapes: long oval, round and Earth shape.  Please be aware that OGK AeroBlade full face helmet are designed explictly for riders who have have long oval head shape.  If your head is a bit wide at the temple area then this full face helmet is not for you as comfortable fit is the most important criteria in choosing and buying a motorcycle helmet.

Unsure of which helmet size to take? Please click here for instructions and watch video
on how to measure your head for the correct helmet size

OGK AeroBlade full face Helmet Features

  • Ventilation: two front adjustable air inlets (open/close)
  • Chin Air Ventilation (open/close)
  • Quick-change visor system
  • Aerodynamic rear fin with dual channel venting system
  • Inner cheek pads removable and washable

OGK AEROBLADE FullFace Helmet front view

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