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OZI 72 Sunvisor Motorcycle Helmet

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OZI 72 Motorcycle Half Face | Open Face Helmet |SunVisor

Introducing the new OZI 72 motorcycle helmets. OZI 72 motorcycle helmets with inner sunvisor is an improved version of OZI 62 retro motorcycle helmet. The upgrade is mainly focused on its face shield and the visor mechanism. The reason for the newborn OZI 72 helmet is because of users' feedback that the old OZI 62 helmet bubble face shield did not fully cover the rider's face. When raining, OZI 62 bubble shield do not protect the rider's face from the rain.

With the hidden inner sunvisor, it is the best of both world in terms of styling and utility. The newly improved OZI 72 motorcycle helmet is a best of both world, with a full clear shield protecting the rider whole face and combines styling of the past with ultra-modern features and materials.

  • Approved by PSB safety label
  • inner Sun Visor
  • removeable cheekpads
  • excellent quality inner lining

OZI 72 Retro Motorcycle Helmet Face Shield

OZI 72 motorcycle helmet now have a normal face shield that can fully cover the rider's face compare to old OZI 62 retro motorcycle helmet which has bubble-shaped face shield that looks cool but does not serve any function. OZI 72 helmet shield is made up of advanced polycarbonate material. Now the new OZI 72 helmet face shield can fully block rain from your eyes and protect your face from dust and wind.

OZI 72 motorcycle helmet inner sunvisor

OZI 72 Retro Motorcycle Helmet Visor Rotation Mechanism

Compare to the old OZI 62 retro motorcycle helmet visor rotation mechanism that uses the friction system to hold the face shield, the new OZI 72 motorcycle helmet visor mechanism uses multiple gear detent which is more durable. The disadvantages of friction-based visor gear are after long usage the face shield will always drop and can no longer be raised and stay at the top.

The new OZI 72 motorcycle helmet visor gear rotating mechanism has a firm feel and the gear holders keep the face shield firm and secured when it's raised or lowered. You will no longer worry about having a loose face shield that cannot stay up. The visor rotates way up above the brow of the helmet shell. Below pictures show a close up of the gear-based visor rotation mechanism design that is used on the sides of the helmet.

OZI 72 motorcycle helmet gear visor mechanism

OZI 72 Retro Motorcycle Helmet with Sun Visor

You can activate the inner sun visor at the left lower side of the helmet with the rocker switch mechanism. The reason why the switch is on the left side is because while you are riding and encounter strong blinding sunlight, you can continue riding with your right hand on the throttle and use your left hand to switch on the inner sun visor.

OZI 72 motorcycle helmet inner sunvisor switch

Push down with your left finger and the sun visor will come down solidly. The switch mechanism is not spring loaded but can last much longer than other inner sunvisor with push/pull mechanism.

OZI 72 Retro Motorcycle Helmet Ventilation

The new OZI 72 retro motorcycle helmet has two huge air vents on top of the helmet which are meant for aesthetic design purposes only. There is also a huge aero wing at the back of the helmet.  Wearing an open face helmet with the visor up, you can feel more fresh air flowing through the rider's face than air venting into the helmet.

OZI 72 motorcycle helmet backflip airflow

There are also two side air exhaust which are for aesthetic design purposes at both lower side of the helmet. The modern mesh metal air exhaust contrast nicely with the retro style of the helmet.

OZI 72 Retro Motorcycle Helmet Helmet Shell Construction

OZI 72 retro motorcycle helmet uses modern polycarbonate composite shell and up-to-date liner materials and padding. you can rest assured with a piece of mind that OZI 72 Motorcycle Helmet has passed stringent Singapore Safety Standards SS 9: 1992 and attained the "PSB TEST Approved" safety label.

OZI 72 Retro Motorcycle Helmet Helmet Lining

The new OZI 72 helmet inner lining somewhat pales in comparison when compare to old OZI 62 helmet plush excellent quality inner lining.  OZI 72 helmet side cheekpads are removable and washable. The inner lining is non removeable. Mesh linings material allow moisture and heat to transfer from your head into the airflow inside the helmet. This leaves your head dry and cool during your ride.

The liner material is comfortable and the sidecheekpad is very thick. There are enough spacing on the sides to make this helmet fit across a wide range of head shapes.

The chin strap uses the simple yet effective double D-ring closure system. As you can see from picture, the neck opening has additional plumb cushion material around the neck roll area so that you can feel comfortable and reduce rider fatigue. The red mesh fabric accent with grey color makes it more stylish to wear.


OZI 72 Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm

Unsure of which helmet size to take? Please click here for instructions and watch video
on how to measure your head for the correct helmet size

Bikes matching with OZI 72 Retro Motorcycle Helmet

OZI 72 motorcycle helmet would make a good scooter helmet for riders who own :Gilera, Runner, Vespa Yamaha motorcycles. OZI 72 jet styled motorcycle helmet has high level of quality and detail that is evident may be because the retro-themed helmets are almost works of art. OZI 72 retro motorcycle helmet comes with a fabulous OZI helmetbag

OZI 62 retro motorcycle helmet sunvisor helmetbag

OZI 72 Motorcycle Helmet Features

  • Inner Sun Visor Shield Mechanism
  • Removable side cheekpads (can be taken out to wash)
  • jet styling combined with modern features
  • color: BLACK / WHITE

OZI 72 motorcycle helmet slant

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