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YOHE R82 Helmet Black

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YOHE R82 Motorcycle Helmet Open Face

YOHE R82 motorcycle helmets are well known for its attention to detail and a level of high quality finish. YOHE R82 helmet feature the ever popular aerodynamic dual channel top venting system. Although YOHE R82 helmet styling is similar to the range of half face / open face motorcycle helmets in the marketplace, there are some subtle differences that you will soon find out below.

  • Approved by PSB sticker
  • colour: Pearl White / Glossy Black 
  • sizes: S / M / L / XL

YOHE motorcycle helmet logo

YOHE R82 Motorcycle Helmet Dual Air Ventilation System

YOHE R82 helmet has air ventilation features with dual frontal / rear exhaust vents. There is a push button open / close mechanisms that allow you to control the airflow when you are riding. When you wear a open face motorcycle helmet without the aerodynamic air venting system, you will experience high-pitched whistling noise near your ears even when you are riding at city speed. Fortunately with the help of YOHE R82 helmet air vents, you can eliminate this problem.


YOHE R82 helmet frontal intake air vents is not as huge and protruded as those found in MIB M24 motorcycle helmets. At the end of each channel that runs along the top of the YOHE R82 helmet, there are cut out vents for air to escape out the back of the helmet.

YOHE R82 Motorcycle Helmet Visor

YOHE R82 helmet has the normal wide visor view which provides a decent amount of peripheral vision. Better peripheral vision means more safety for the motorcycle rider. One of the advantage of wearing a open-face helmet is the unlimited forward visibility provided by the nature of its design.

The gap between the rotating YOHE R82 helmet visor and the top of helmet shell is very small. This is due to the intricate rubber gaskets that help to prevent wind noise and rain water to seep into the top of the helmet. The YOHE R82 helmet visor opens and closes with precision with the help of four solid detents in the visor rotation mechanism.


YOHE R82 Motorcycle Helmet Visor Rotation Mechanism

YOHE R82 helmet visor rotation mechanism is cleverly designed without any side plates. This modern feature allow easy swapping of a new motorcycle helmet visor without any hassle. Just pull the release mechanism and the helmet visor can be taken out easily. Old school motorcycle helmets like NOVA are still using sideplates with screws, it's like watching a B-grade horror show with a recurring nightmare.

Why visor side plates without screws are better?

Visor rotation mechanism without screws keep the face shield from dropping after prolonged periods of use. Unlike backdated motorcycle helmets like NOVA helmets that still uses friction via the screws on the side pods. Be forewarned that the screws will become loose and you have to keep the face shield from dropping when you want it to be raised. Side plates with screws are flimsy and completely undependable.

Advantages of visor side plates without screws

Helmet visor without screws has a firm feel and the channel holders on either side do a good job at keeping the shield firm and secured when it's raised or lowered. It has also four detents. Which means when you move the visor up or down, it will stay in the fixed four position: fully opened, 3/4 opened, 1/4 opened and fully closed.

YOHE R82 Motorcycle Helmet Shell Construction

Although YOHE R82 helmet does not break any new ground in the styling department, it's looks are more modern. Like all common open face motorcycle helmets, YOHE R82 helmet is made of ABS shell construction and not fiberglass material. YOHE R82 helmet are batch tested according to the stringent Singapore Safety Standards SS 9: 1992 which are given the "PSB Approved" safety label.


YOHE R82 Motorcycle Helmet Safety Standard

YOHE R82 helmet meets and attained the "PSB TEST" label which is regulated by Singapore Traffic Police Force. However keep in mind that no motorcycle helmet can guarantee complete safety and protection for the rider from all possible impacts even though the motorcycle helmet has official safety approvals, therefore please ride safely. What it means to you is that YOHE R82 motorcycle helmet has reached a certain standard of safety eg, visor will not hurt the rider under high impact and still offer a reasonable amount of protection to the motorcyclist.


YOHE R82 Motorcycle Helmet Lining

It is truly praiseworthy of YOHE to think of the cleverly designed inner lining. The liner is very plush and comfortable with designs and patterns. You can tuck in the inner lining with the tabs provided which gives a neat and organized look for the interior. Although YOHE R82 motorcycle helmet lining is somewhat elementary with one basic color, the side cushion padding is thick and comfortable.

YOHE motorcycle helmet inner lining

YOHE R82 motorcycle helmet lining consists of separate pieces including the cheek pads and lining which are removable and washable. There are mesh lining wrapping on either side of the cushion and at the top that keeps your head cool & comfortable.

YOHE motorcycle helmet strap

The chin strap uses an effective double D-ring closure system and there's a clip provided to secure the loose end of the strap when riding.  Overall quality of the lining scores high marks compared to other open face motorcycle helmets.

YOHE R82 Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm

Unsure of which helmet size to take? Please click here for instructions and watch video
on how to measure your head for the correct helmet size

YOHE R82 Motorcycle Helmet Features

  • Ventilation: two front adjustable air inlets (open/close)
  • Shield Mechanism: Visor rotation mechanism without screws
  • Aerodynamic dual channel venting system
  • Inner cheek pads removable and washable


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